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Meet Our Sous Chef

Meet The Waterfront Sous Chef, Abi.

Abi has had a huge passion for all things culinary from a very young age. He says his curiosity for food is why he is a Chef today. Abi grew up in India and recalls eating out at a young age and being intrigued and fascinated by what was going on behind the service doors. It sent his imagination wild as he daydreamed about what it would be to walk through those doors and get a look inside at all the delicious food!

Abi says that if he could only eat one dish for the rest of his life then it would be Mutton Biryani. Mutton Biryani is said to be the epitome of Indian cuisine, with layers of beautifully spiced mutton and tender grains of rice topped with coriander and fried onions. Sounds divine, Abi – what time do you want us?

Abi gets to flex his culinary muscles at The Waterfront and says that what he most likes about working there is the variety of dishes he gets to create. Abi says that there’s something for every taste and a wide range of dishes with the Chef’s Specials changing daily too. His favourite dish on the summer menu is the chicken and pancetta salad – perfect for a summer day!

Being a Chef for Abi doesn’t stop when he leaves the kitchen at The Waterfront; his lucky wife gets treated to many of his culinary creations. One of his speciality dishes to make at home is marinated seafood from local trawlers, cooked over hot charcoal served with a variety of salads.

Abi’s Chef hero is Cédric Grolet who is known for his amazing desserts that have a likeness from the fruit from which they are made. He says that he’s inspired by his attention to detail, obsession with endless combinations of flavours and textures.

It’s the great team in The Waterfront kitchen that make it possible to produce all the hugely popular and varied dishes and Abi plays a huge part in making this happen – yes, Chef!

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