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Yes, Chef!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Despite the changeable weather, this summer has been buzzing and we were grateful to welcome Joseph Taylor to the team at The Waterfront! Joseph is originally from Canterbury and has so far had a varied and interesting career which brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the team!

Joseph has been a chef for 25 years having worked everywhere from big chain restaurants to village pubs and setting up his own vegan restaurant in Malaysia! Joseph had an amazing experience in Malaysia with its incredibly diverse food culture. He spent lots of time island hopping and scuba diving, played a lot of sports and set up Pepe's kitchen-a plant based food delivery service aimed at British expats in Kuala Lumpa.

Some of his earliest memories are of spending time with his Mum who was also a Chef. He has spent time in kitchens from a very young age, with his earliest food memory is of baking scones with his Mum.

Jospeh has worked alongside some brilliant and inspirational Chefs so far in his career, and he takes inspiration from his travels when he recreates cuisine at home. Joesph has experience of working in kitchens with chefs from Jamaica, New Zealand and Italy. It may come as a surprise to hear then that his personal favourite dish is a classic roast dinner with cauliflower cheese and all the trimmings! Not forgetting, a helping of Joseph’s signature Vegan Mushroom, Beetroot and Walnut Wellington! Sounds delicious!

Since joining The Waterfront, he has loved the buzz from working in the kitchen saying that there is a great team spirit, everyone works hard and is passionate about what they do. Joseph feels that the team are encouraged to be creative and that their ideas are valued. Obviously, the seafront location is a huge plus for him! Joseph and his partner have always dreamed of living in Hythe, they love living by the sea – as do their Malaysian cats, Harry and Billy!

Joseph has been passionate about a plant based lifestyle, mainly driven by his love for animals, the planet and a mix of wanting to be fitter and healthier (he’s running the Folkestone half marathon in September, raising money for an animal sanctuary in Ashford).

He has followed a Vegan diet for around five years. For those of you who are on the fence about whether vegan food can be healthy, nutritious and appetising; look no further than Joseph’s Instagram – It all looks delicious, and you’ll be reaching for the tofu before you can say ‘Chickpea’!

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